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TOYOTA FORTUNER ( Zinc Die-Casting Products ) Minimum 10 Pcs. Price 120 THB./Pcs.



We are the nation's leading hardware manufacturers. Operates manufacturing and distributor of hardware. Steel equipment and spare parts. For windows, doors The production of steel materials zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. With its commitment to strive to produce quality products. Under the brand "ALCO" can also be produced and branded by the customer.

Alco Product using advanced manufacturing processes with investments in more than 120 million baht will be able to accommodate the needs of customers. Hardware market, both domestic and foreign. As well Algoma's Duct also advanced to the manufacture of parts for industrial applications. Currently recognized by the manufacturer. In the large industrial countries, many of them together.

Core Business Activities: Fully settle facilities to complete metal related product in one area.
-Define process
-Produce -Finished
It a place that you can come with an ideas and go out with your own products.

Product Range:
- Die-Casting Mold
-Plastic Mold
- Zinc Die-Casting Products
- Aluminum injection Products Home and Office Decorative Hardware

Alco Product Design :


Here you can find all services in one place:

  Hardware Style Bavarian.
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  Hardware Style Modern.
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  Hardware Style
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  Hardware Style Victorian.
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